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Senior Big Data Engineer Location: Vancouver, CA

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2020-01-31 17:46:11
Job Type: Full Time only

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Job Description:

  • Collaborate with leaders in Product and Engineering to deliver new product concepts to help us to achieve our company objectives.
  • Conduct research and technical experiments to evaluate both the viability and feasibility of new product ideas.
  • Build and test viable prototypes that, if proven to be successful, will be fully productionized and integrated to the core product.
  • A technical innovator with experience developing large-scale product and design visions
  • A seasoned data engineer with a proven track record for building well-architected data models on big data platforms
  • Has the ability to think broadly, but at the same time bring simplicity to complex problems
  • An excellent communicator with a knack for concisely explaining problems and solutions
  • A strong drive to continue learning and developing


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • At least 6 years in software development, with multiple examples of working with big data platforms (e.g. Spark, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, etc.)
  • Excellent grasp of data modeling techniques, data warehousing and relational as well as non-relational data stores
  • Proficiency in Python and SQL Hands-on experience with machine learning is a huge asset

Key Skills: