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Full Time Diailysis RN Clinic Manager Need in Whidbey Island & Lakewood, WA

2021-02-25 00:15:39
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DIALYSIS CLINIC MANAGER – WHIDBEY ISLAND POSITION DESCRIPTION General Statement of Duties: The Dialysis Clinic Manager – Whidbey Island (DCM) is responsible for the 24-hour per day supervision and management of in-center patient care. The primary responsibility of the position is to ensure that quality nursing care is delivered to each patient. The DCM is provided with the resources and authority to meet the unit’s objectives and is responsible for the proper management of these resources. The DCM is responsible for staffing assignments and takes call as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS Education: ? Degree from an accredited school of nursing. ? Bachelor’s degree in nursing preferred. Licensure & Certification: ? Must have a current Registered Nurse (RN) license from the WA State Board of Nursing. ? Current certification of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with a Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers card. ? Eligible to sit for Nephrology Nurse Certification (CHN or CNN) or currently has this designation. Experience: ? Minimum of one-year experience in clinical nursing. ? Minimum of 6 months experience in Acute and/or Chronic Hemodialysis preferred. ? Must have previous charge nurse experience. ? Previous nursing management experience preferred. Skills & Abilities: ? Apply the principles of dialysis when providing treatments and using equipment and supplies. ? Apply the principles of adult learning techniques when educating patients and/or staff including accommodating different learning styles. ? Systematically assess and resolve complex clinical and operational problems. ? Concisely and accurately communicate clinical information and recommendations to a physician. ? Operate a computer. ? Read, write, speak, and understand English for the purpose of following written policies and procedures, completion of reports, and communicating with others in the work setting. Page 2 of 6 ? Understand, adapt to, apply, and communicate policy and procedural changes. ? Approach work requirements in a methodical and conscientious manner. ? Prioritize tasks and follow them through to completion in a timely manner, with minimal supervision. ? Manage multiple tasks simultaneously. ? Consistently arrive at work on time, and maintain excellent attendance. ? Identify, assess, and resolve problems in a timely fashion. ? Develop and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, patients, nephrologist, and visitors as needed. ? React calmly and effectively in emergency situations, de-escalating tension. ? Maintain quality control standards. ? Follow the organization’s policies and procedures. ? Maintain work area in a neat and orderly manner. ? Skills and attributes sufficient to fulfill the job requirements and essential functions. ? Respond effectively and appropriately to changing work and health care environments. ? Utilize every type of dialysis access with ease, understanding their functions, and teach others to analyze and use them appropriately. ? Implement all modalities of dialysis safely and competently. ? Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with patients, families, staff, and medical professionals. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS ? Ensure that the dialysis needs of the patients are met. ? Assume responsibility to review and monitor documentation in the patient records to ensure quality of care, outcomes and compliance with regulatory agencies and nephrologist’s orders. ? Participate in the development and review of appropriate clinical standards via policy and procedure and standing orders. ? Communicate patient status, both physiological and behavioral to appropriate multidisciplinary practitioners. ? Provide appropriate intervention during various medical crises. ? Demonstrate the understanding of the principles of dialysis and be able to instruct patient care staff on how to be able to apply them when using equipment and supplies. ? Monitor patient care by analyzing the processes and procedures used as to ensure that all patients receive treatment based on PSKC standards as defined in the patient care policies and procedures. ? Maintain strict adherence to universal safety precautions and infection control procedures. ? Correctly interpret and execute medical staff orders for treatment in a timely manner. ? Gather information and actively participate in the Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) process and Network projects as assigned. ? Perform investigation and analysis of Quality Assurance (QA) Reports to identify root cause and areas for improvement. ? Supervise and direct patient care staff through observation, yearly evaluations and staff meetings. Page 3 of 6 ? Staff the facility appropriately and efficiently taking into account experience level of the staff and acuity level of the patients. ? Coordinate orientation and training of patient care staff as needed by the Staff Education & Training Dept. ? Apply for and maintain required reporting agency accounts and submit necessary information by required deadlines. ? Function as a liaison between PSKC and referring facilities and physicians. ? Interview job applicants. ? As census and staffing requires: o Initiate, monitor, and discontinue hemodialysis treatment for patients, according to PSKC procedures. o Provide thorough and timely assessment and intervention of internal access and central venous catheters including skilled cannulation and access for dialysis treatments. o Order labs, review laboratory data, and apply protocols. o Maintain daily clinical records with accurate and timely documentation in the Electronic Medical Record. o Prepare and administer oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, and intravenous medications per protocol or physician order. o Provide initial and follow-up patient education in all aspects of hemodialysis and related topics. o Develop and maintain accurate, complete, and timely patient assessments and care plans as required. o Maintain accurate, complete orders on assigned patients. o Attend patient care conferences when scheduled as part of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT). o Maintain effective communication with the patient and the IDT and refer patient needs to members of the IDT as necessary. o Assist in transferring patients between wheelchairs, dialysis chairs, hospital beds, stretchers, etc. o Use transfer equipment such as sliding boards, transfer belts and Hoyer lifts per policy and procedure. o Assist in repositioning patients in dialysis chairs or hospital beds. o Assist patients in transferring onto and off of the toilet. o Assist patients with personal hygiene care (peri-care) as needed. o Assist patients in the use of bed pans. OTHER FUNCTIONS ? Provide opportunity for continuing education to patient care staff. ? Attend all mandatory organizational programs and maintain documentation for all unit specific certification requirements. ? Actively participate in PSKC’s Department Head and Quality of Care meetings, and is available as needed for Patient Care Conferences. Page 4 of 6 ? Participate in unit/organization performance improvement activities to ensure the development and implementation of processes, which supports continuous quality improvement and effective work performance. ? Other duties and/or tasks that may be assigned on an as-needed basis. REQUIREMENTS Physical Demands: ? Regularly required to stand, sit, or walk for considerable periods of time. ? Lifting, positioning, or physically moving patients. ? Pushing wheelchairs and dialysis or other medical equipment. ? Frequently reaching, bending, kneeling, or stooping, and other range of motion activities. ? Lifting 30-50 lb. containers or boxes with assistance. ? Viewing a computer screen for two or more hours at a time. ? Visual acuity to discern changes in patient’s skin and/or blood color, differentiate between colors of medication and/or solutions, interpret typed or handwritten documentation, and identify labels appropriately. ? Hearing acuity, within correctable to normal range, to communicate effectively with others, to discern changes in patient conditions and to hear equipment alarms. ? Manual dexterity sufficient to manipulate medical records, equipment, and perform other essential job functions. ? Periodically required to work long hours and occasional weekends, and will require on-call time. Mental Demands: ? Occasional stress from dealing with ill people. ? Determining and communicating departmental needs. ? Occasional stress due to work demands. ? Evaluating appropriateness of documentation. ? Interpret laboratory reports of test results. ? Prioritize when confronted with conflicting work tasks/schedules. ? Occasional stress due to medical emergency situations. ? Perform calculations and be able to teach basic algebra. ? Apply educational and practical experience to perform accurate and complete assignments. Other Requirements: ? Knowledgeable in the operation of all equipment and supplies used in caring for the dialysis patient. ? Successfully complete mandatory in-service trainings. ? Maintain professional relationships and boundaries with patients and staff. ? Dedication to professionalism, maturity, caring, and diplomacy. ? Maintain current knowledge of patients and the care provided by Page 5 of 6 ? Maintain confidentiality of records, patient, employee, hospital or PSKC information at all times. Ensure all information and conversations regarding patients or staff are kept confidential from the public. ? Adhere to policies and practices of the PSKC for delivery of quality nursing care. ? Support the patient’s right to safety, privacy, and confidentiality. ? Adhere to PSKC’s general administrative, human resources, and departmental policies and procedures and upholds the standard of professional nursing practice. ? Continue to improve professional competence through related literature, attendance at PSKC in-services and external conferences, etc., and maintains a personal education profile. EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE USED ??Hemodialysis machine ??Cardiac monitor ??Automatic and manual BP cuffs ??Centrifuge ??Stethoscope ??IV pump ??Thermometer ??Computer equipment ??Glucometers ??Suction equipment ??Standard office equipment ??Sonic Window Hand-held Ultrasound Device ??Other equipment and tools necessary to perform the functions of the position. WORK ENVIRONMENT ??Exposure to bloodborne, respiratory, and airborne diseases. ??Exposure to industrial and pharmacological hazards as defined in various Safety Data Sheets. ??Contact with patients under a wide variety of circumstances, including unpredictable situations. ??Typically quiet with occasional periods of heightened traffic through work area, increased noise level, and interruptions. JOB RELATIONSHIPS Supervision by: Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Workers supervised: All patient care staff at assigned PSKC facilities OTHER POSITION DETAILS ? Basic Life Classification: Class 1 - Management or Supervisors ? Mileage Reimbursement Category: Category 3 NOTICE REQUIREMENTS Page 6 of 6 To resign this position in good standing, the employee must give 30 day’s notice, in writing, to their supervisor and Human Resources. Employees who have successfully completed their orientation period and provided this advance notice of resignation will receive the value of any accrued Paid Vacation Leave (PVL).
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