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US IT or Healthcare Recruiter (2 positions) Location: Fremont, CA - Full time

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2021-04-29 18:17:06
Job Type: Full Time only

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USIT Recruiter

5-10years experience

TheUS IT Recruiter must be able to screen candidates for different roles. Therecruiter is responsible for submitting to the requirements that he or she isgiven in a timely manner and tracking feedback in order to determine thecorrect fit for the role. In addition to identifying/screening/qualifyingcandidates for IT positions; the recruiter also reviews, reformats and presentsresumes to hiring managers. These are some of the duties and requirements of atechnical recruiter.

  • Source, screen, interview, and evaluate candidates
  • Review and understand technical job requirement requirements
  • Must have heavy knowledge of various different IT domains
  • Must be able to identify the key skills that any IT position requires
  • Foster long-term relationships with candidates
  • Review applicants to verify if position requirements are met
  • Format resumes meeting client expectations
  • Research new technologies
  • Create detailed job descriptions
  • Follow up with candidates
  • Team Lead experience preferred

Mustbe able to:

Takeresponsibility for follow up on positions

Workin a fast paced environment where requirements are constantly changing

Beable to read into job descriptions to figure out exactly what the hiringmanager requires.

Key Skills: