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Senior Cloud Architect Location: Dublin, OH, US

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2020-11-20 15:54:39
Job Type: Full Time only

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  • The Senior Cloud Architect drives value through their deep hands on experience with multiple technologies.
  • This role will face off to a variety of stakeholders and will act as a coach, mentor, and trainer to solution tech leads, partner with engineers to develop accelerators to enable infrastructure as code and advise leaders to update strategies and roadmaps.
  • Additionally the Cloud Architect is responsible for creating and maintaining reference implementations and training material to ensures that the solution tech lead understands how to apply Accelerators, Standards, and Solution Delivery Processes.
  • The goal is to help the Solution Delivery Teams accelerate the time-to-value for business enablement to allow to continue to grow by removing IT as a barrier through adoption of cloud native applications.

  • Coach / Mentor to Solution Delivery Teams
  • Proactively Assessing value and potential application of emerging technologies and products including Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)Active Member of Architecture Review Board
  • Create and Maintain Technology Accelerators, Standards, and Decision Trees
  • Create and Maintain Reference Architecture and Engineering Implementations
  • Create and Maintain Training and Educational Materials for Solution Delivery Teams
  • Create and Maintain Technical Position PapersDevelop business outcome aligned technology roadmaps
  • Support business case development
  • Decomposing Monoliths using Lean, practices, Agile practices, DevSecOps practices, 12-factor techniques, and cloud architecture
  • Designing and Implementing Business Solutions to Cloud Native Platforms including Kubernetes, Docker Enterprise, and Cloud Foundry in the public cloud (IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, FaaS, SaaS)
  • Designing, Implementing, and Securing MicroServices and APIs, using: SpringBoot, REST, Messaging, ORM, and Spring Security w/ OAuth 2Coaching DevSecOps for AI, ML
Data Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in related field or equivalent work experienceAdvanced Engineering and Architecture experience
  • Proven Cloud Native and Cloud Friendly implementation experience
  • Proven experience with sophisticated large scale implementations.
  • Expert Craftsman, Hands on Technologist, Must be able to code (shell, Powershell, C/C++, C#, Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, ... )
  • Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Design and Technologies (Event Sourcing, CQRS, Eventual Consistency, Domain Driven Design, Kafka, MQ, ...)
  • Experience in web-scale applications and to improve performance in complex cloud native applications (Scaling and Tuning N-Tier Solutions)
  • Experience with multiple datastore platforms (SQL, No-SQL, Messaging, ... )
  • Experience with problem cause identification (Fishbone, Root Cause Analysis, Interrelationship Diagram, 5 Whysâ?¦)
  • Experience with problem solving techniques (Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, Lateral Thinking)
  • Experience with technology risk and debt management

Key Skills: