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Posted By ECTS,LLC
Columbus, OH
2019-07-15 06:49:56
Job Type: Contract

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Job Description:
•Cloud deployment experience with AWS or any other cloud. AWS certification for solution architect or developer is preferred.
•Hands-on knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker (creating images, setting up and configuring containers)
•Good level of awareness of network aspects in development (in cloud and traditional) – firewalls, load balancers, vpc, routing tables, egress, ingress, etc.
•Proficiency with command line (UNIX) and CLIs. Experience in scripting: unix shell, python, perl, etc. (It has to be more than just “I have modifying a URL in the existing script”. The latter is not scripting.)
•Hands-on experience doing DevOps and automation for Java based CI/CD pipeline: Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, Sonar, Selenium, Blazemeter, etc. (Jenkins pipelines assume scripting knowledge - like groovy) Familiarity with JAVA development, compilation, debug,  etc. that requires to troubleshoot build and deployment issues. (this can only work if person have had some Java coding experience)
•Experience with IBM Liberty profile (or IBM WebSphere) is preferred.
•Some understanding of databases (user level) and ability to write basic queries (database and/or Splunk).
Key Skills: