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Senior Mobile Developer (Native applications)

Cleveland, OH
2018-09-13 15:59:54
Job Type: Contract

• Working knowledge of Android Studio to build Android applications
• Working knowledge of X-Code to build iOS applications 
• Experience calling RESTful servicesfrom iOS and Android
• Familiarity with Web API

The Mobile Native Apps Platform has an assignment for an experiencedIT Apps Programmer Senior Contractor towork on one of our delivery teams. Our delivery teams are organized to be small(typically 8 members), autonomous teams that are regularly developing enhancements for our Android and iOS native applications ina Continuous Delivery environment. While primarily focused on smart phonestoday, the platform is also responsible for research and development on otheremerging interfaces (smart watches, TV, in-car, etc.). Currently, there areapproximately 1.8M active installs of our mobile apps

We are seeking someone with experience creating, maintaining and testing iOS and/or Android native applications. Experience withboth is ideal, but the hiring manager will entertain candidates strong ineither iOS or Android. Butto be considered qualified the contractor must possess the required iOS skills or the Android skills listed. Additionally, the candidate shouldhave a solid understanding of mobile applicationpatterns such as navigation, delegation, dependency injection, object mapping, reactive programming andRESTful services. He/she should also be able to troubleshoot, maintain anddevelop simple solutions to complex business problems. Candidates should have asolid understanding of developing librariesfor Android and/or static and universallibraries for iOS

Education and/or Experience Required
• Bachelor's Degree in an Information Technology discipline or related field ofstudy (e.g., Computer Science, Software Engineering) and minimum four years ofrelated work experience designing, programming, and supporting software programs and applications
• In lieu of a degree, minimum of six years related work experience designing, programming,and supporting software programs or applications maybe accepted.
Preferred Technical Skills:
• Experience developing withRXJava and/or RXSwift are a plus

Key Skills:
IOS or Android