KloudHire is a leading staffing solutions provider dedicated to helping businesses optimize their talent needs. Operating for over a decade, we have successfully delivered hiring solutions to companies across different industries. With our large database of pre-screened candidates and robust recruitment processes, we ensure companies have access to the right talent pools.

Whether you need to hire for a long-term project or fills gaps due to leave/attrition, Kloudhire handles all your staffing requirements. Our recruiters understand your culture, pain points and hiring needs through active communication. Using innovative tools and platforms, we broadcast jobs to a wide audience and efficiently filter thousands of profiles to shortlist candidates best fitting your criteria.

As your staffing partner, we go beyond simple hiring. Our recruiters own the process from sourcing to on-boarding, helping you stay focused on your core work. From conducting skills tests and interviews to completing background/reference checks, Kloudhire streamlines each step to ensure faster time-to-hire. We also offer payroll management, insurances and other necessary compliance requirements for contract employees.

Benefits for Businesses

Businesses benefit immensely working with KloudHire through lower costs, minimal risks and optimal talent access. You pay only for the resources you need without large overhead costs. Further, we perform extensive candidate screening and training to deliver pre-verified talent with minimal on-boarding times. By leveraging our large candidate networks, you gain access to skills that may be scarce or hard to find otherwise.

With diversified options, Kloudhire caters to uniquely tailored staffing needs of companies. Whether it’s long/short-term hiring, full-time/part-time roles or specialty contract staffing, we expertly customize solutions at competitive rates. Our account managers provide dedicated support through the entire engagement. Backed by advanced technologies and decades of industry expertise, Kloudhire remains a preferred talent partner for smart businesses.

To discuss your unique hiring requirements, get in touch with a Kloudhire representative. Together, we will evaluate your needs and design optimal staffing solutions to take your business to greater heights!