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29 Nov 2023

Now Starting As Bench Sales Consultant - Tips And Tricks To Five Star The Client Service

For anyone justembarking on their career as a bench sales consultant, creating memorableclient experiences should be a top priority. While technical product knowledgeand presentation skills are necessary, exemplary service differentiatestop-performing consultants. This article outlines best practices and strategiesfor consistently delivering five-star client service, leading to solid,long-lasting relationships.

Definition And Scope Of Bench Sales Consulting

Bench sales involveproviding non-exclusive sales and technical support to various clients acrossan organization's portfolio of solutions. A bench consultant is not a dedicatedresource for any single account but serves multiple customers interchangeably.Key product demonstrations, budgetary proposals, RFP responses, and ongoingsupport requests are all part of a typical bench role's responsibilities formany clients.

Bench sales consultinginvolves managing and optimizing the bench, a term used in the IT staffingindustry to denote available and unassigned consultants. The scope encompassesconnecting available consultants with suitable projects, ensuring an efficientutilization of resources. This dynamic field demands a nuanced understanding ofthe consulting landscape and client needs. Bench sales consultants navigate thedelicate balance between consultant availability and client requirements,playing a pivotal role in facilitating successful placements and maintaining ahealthy staffing pipeline.

Importance Of Client Service In Bench Sales

In bench sales, whereconsultants are not assigned dedicated accounts but support multiple clientssimultaneously, consistent quality service is imperative. Clients expect theirneeds and inquiries to be handled promptly and professionally by a company'sbench sales team. Those providing sub-par service risk losing clients' trustand future opportunities. On the other hand, standout service opens doors toreferences, expanded scope within clients, and potential full-timeopportunities.

Client service stands asthe cornerstone of success in bench sales consulting. A consultant's ability toprovide exceptional service directly influences client satisfaction and, subsequently,the longevity of the client relationship. In the competitive realm of ITstaffing, superior client service distinguishes a consultant by fosteringtrust, reliability, and effective collaboration. Bench sales consultants whoprioritize client service contribute to the success of individual placementsand the overall reputation and success of the consulting firm they represent.

Key Responsibilities Of A Bench Sales Consultant

Theresponsibilities of a bench sales consultant extend beyond mere matchmaking. Aconsultant in this role must proactively identify and understand client needs,maintain a pool of qualified candidates, and negotiate terms for successfulplacements.

Effectivecommunication, market research, and staying abreast of industry trends areparamount. The consultant serves as a liaison between consultants on the benchand clients, ensuring a seamless alignment of skills with project demands whileadhering to industry regulations and best practices.

Some typical duties fora bench sales consultant include:

  • Building awareness and interest in services through proactive outbound prospecting
  • Responding to inbound client requests for demonstrations, quotes, or troubleshooting
  • Qualifying sales opportunities and screening potential technical fits
  • Developing and delivering customized product presentations
  • Creating and submitting proposals, budgetary estimates, and bids for RFPs
  • Handling order processing, contracting, and onboarding for new clients
  • Providing post-sale client support through training, upgrades, and issue resolution
  • Documenting all client communications and progress in CRM for complete visibility

The Five-Star Approach To Client Service

Bench consultants candifferentiate themselves in this competitive field by continuously striving todeliver a premium quality client experience. Adopting several best practicesenables a consistent five-star service-centric mindset. This approach includesbuilding rapport through effective communication, understanding client needs,and engaging in proactive measures such as regular follow-ups. It emphasizesproblem-solving, conflict resolution, and the provision of value-addedinsights.

The five-star approachgoes beyond transactional relationships, focusing on long-term partnerships byensuring client satisfaction and addressing challenges with agility. Byadopting this comprehensive approach, bench sales consultants elevate theirservice standards and contribute to the sustained success of both clients andconsultants.

Building Rapport with Clients

Positive workingrelationships are built on trust, respect, and personal connection. Take agenuine interest in each client and learn about their backgrounds andgoals—small acts of recognition, like remembering names, foster goodwill thatenhances every interaction. Timely, accurate, and transparent communicationkeeps clients well-informed and confident. Respond to queries promptly, meetdeadlines, and proactively share the status of outstanding items. Useappropriate channels like email versus phone based on client preferences andurgency.

Effective communicationis the bedrock of success in bench sales consulting. A consultant's ability toconvey information clearly, actively listen to client concerns, and articulatesolutions plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining strong clientrelationships. Clear and concise communication fosters trust, ensures mutualunderstanding, and forms the basis for collaborative decision-making in benchsales.

Understanding Client Needs and Expectations

Get a complete pictureof what clients hope to achieve and how their companies operate. Ask questionsto uncover unstated requirements beyond initial requests. Identify potentialroadblocks and recommendations to exceed expectations every step of the way. Aproficient bench sales consultant demonstrates a keen understanding of clientneeds and expectations.

This involves thoroughresearch, active listening, and a nuanced comprehension of the client'sindustry, project requirements, and corporate culture. By delving into theintricacies of client expectations, consultants can tailor their approach,presenting candidates that align precisely with the client's vision andcontributing to successful, lasting placements.

Proactive Engagement Strategies

Proactive outreach keepslong-term clients engaged and new ones impressed. Share relevant content,success stories, and new features through tailored channel preferences—schedulestatus meetings beyond projects to maintain visibility and brainstorm otherpotential areas for partnership. Leveraging customer relationship managementplatforms properly is pivotal for bench roles serving numerous accounts.

Efficiency is paramountin the fast-paced realm of bench sales consulting. A consultant's ability tostreamline processes, manage resources effectively, and expedite the matchingof consultants with client needs enhances overall efficiency. Leveragingtechnology, staying abreast of market trends, and implementing best practicescontribute to a streamlined and effective workflow. Improved efficiencybenefits the consultant and adds value to the client by ensuring swift andoptimal staffing solutions.

Enhancing Efficiency

Entering comprehensiveactivity records in CRM about contacts, communications, tasks, and pipelinesstreamlines information access for efficient responses. Templates expeditestandard updates. Efficiency is paramount in the fast-paced realm of bench salesconsulting.

A consultant's abilityto streamline processes, manage resources effectively, and expedite thematching of consultants with client needs enhances overall efficiency.Leveraging technology, staying abreast of market trends, and implementing bestpractices contribute to a streamlined and effective workflow. Improvedefficiency benefits the consultant and adds value to the client by ensuringswift and optimal staffing solutions.

Ensuring Timely Responses

Set reminders forapproaching deadlines, following up on outstanding items, or future outreach.Tasks and calendars keep multi-client work organized to prevent unnecessarydelays or missed opportunities. Timely responses are a hallmark of effectiveclient service in bench sales consulting. Consultants understand the urgency ofclient inquiries, project needs, and candidate availability.

Ensuring swift responsesdemonstrates professionalism and reflects a commitment to meeting clienttimelines and expectations. By promptly addressing queries, providing timelyupdates, and expediting decision-making, bench sales consultants reinforcereliability, contributing to positive client experiences and sustainedpartnerships.

Staying Updated With Industry Trends

Proactively expandingexpertise beyond the core product suite develops a well-rounded consultantreputation. Subscribe to relevant publications, follow thought leaders on socialplatforms, and participate in webinars and conferences. Scan for newregulations, competitor movements, or emerging client challenges applicable toprovided solutions.

Knowledge of the biggerpicture enhances strategic conversations. Requesting additional internal orpartner-provided training deepens technical acumen. Consider mentorship withsenior sales engineers. Pursue further industry-recognized certifications.Utilize downtime to research new verticals, technologies, or methodologies.

Staying updated withindustry trends is a non-negotiable aspect of success for bench salesconsultants. A consultant's commitment to staying informed is paramount in thedynamic landscape of It staffing, where technologies and market demands evolverapidly. It involves continuous monitoring of industry developments, emergingtechnologies, and shifts in client requirements.

By proactively seekingrelevant news, attending industry conferences, and engaging in professionalnetworks, consultants position themselves as knowledgeable and adaptiveprofessionals. This awareness enables consultants to align their strategieswith prevailing market demands and empowers them to anticipate future trends,offering clients insights that transcend immediate staffing needs.

In an environment wherestaying ahead is synonymous with success, a consultant's dedication to stayingupdated with industry trends becomes a strategic imperative, fostering acompetitive edge and contributing to sustained professional growth.


Through consistentlyapplying client-focused best practices, bench sales consultants can deliver anunparalleled onboarding and support experience that elevates any company'sservice reputation. Adopting a five-star mindset focused on building strongpersonal relationships, communication excellence, and proactive productivitypositions one to achieve long-term career success through standout clientadvocacy. Continuous skills development also keeps technical abilities andperspectives fresh for addressing clients' evolving needs effectively in thefuture.

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