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Senior Security Specialist

washington, DC
2020-08-26 08:03:59
Job Type: Contract

Position:Security Specialist Consultant / Senior Consultant

Location:Washington DC

Duration:Long Term Contract




  • Experience supporting a Federal Government Authority to Operate (ATO) acceptance process.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing in the Microsoft Azure environment.
  • Experience with cybersecurity, security infrastructure, and the NIST cyber security framework.
  • Experience analyzing systems and network structure, performing checks on firewalls and software permissions to test for threats, identify weaknesses, and suggest / make improvements.
  • Experience protecting sensitive information from leaks and network failures to ensure data remains secure and protected.
  • Knowledge of security best practices and are up to date on new and ever evolving cyber threats / risks.
  • Able to prepare and maintain documentation, prepare and present findings, and coordinate with technical project team to resolve issues.


Additional/ Desired Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence concepts
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working with Informatica

Key Skills:
security AND Cyber AND azure