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Nurse Practitioner (Family or L&D)

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2020-07-17 11:15:11
Job Type: Full Time only

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The Women's Center, featuring family centered care, focuses care on the patient and family as one unit. Patient safety and evidence-based practice is the main focus of the Women’s Services Department here at St. Petersburg General Hospital.

  • 32 Post Partum/GYN Beds for complete OB/GYN care; this also includes laboring patients and infants (80-90% of patients are Post Partum; may have some medical overflow)
  • 22 Nursery Beds (Level 1 Nursery)
  • 6 Labor/Delivery/Recovery Rooms (2 Operating Rooms)
  • Recently renovated Women’s Services Department
  • Skill Mix: RNs and Lactation Consultants
  • Major Equipment Used: IV pumps, IVAC, Dinamaps, Dopplers, Accu-Check, Accu-Dose, Fetal Monitors, Radiant Warmers, Isolets
  • Schedules: 12-hour shifts (0645-1915, 1845-0715) plus 6 hours mandatory on-call for all staff per week; Full Time is considered 36 hours per week, including every other weekend; overtime available, but not mandatory; Self-scheduling is available
  • Dress code: Professional scrubs (individual provides their own); specific dress code is in place for Women’s Services to maintain infant safety and security
  • Designated Charge Nurse per shift
  • Complete computerized charting (“Electronic Health Record”) for patient assessment and care documentation; All of Perinatal Nursing Services utilizes GE Centricity (CPN) for their patient care documentation.
  • Electronic medication administration record (eMAR) is used for the delivery of all medications provided to patients
  • Mother-Baby Couple Care is focused on supportive exclusive breastfeeding.

Key Skills: