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Hospitalist Physician Opportunity

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2020-10-07 12:36:21
Job Type: Full Time only

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Location: Waterloo, IA

following responsibilities and duties:

Assess patient health by interviewing patients, performing physical examinations, updating patient records, and studying medical histories.

  • Provide diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic health services to patients and family members in the hospital.
  • Evaluate and treat patients in consultation with or as the primary attending physician.
  • Coordinate the hospital's diagnostic, therapeutic, and consultative resources.
  • Follow through on cases to ensure effectiveness and alter the course of treatment as indicated.

Skills & Competencies

You should have several essential qualities to succeed as a hospitalist.

  • Communication skills:Excellentlisteningandspeakingskills are a requirement. Not only must hospitalists interact with patients, but they must also be able to understand and be understood by colleagues as they act as coordinators of patients' medical teams.
  • Interpersonal skills: Like all doctors, hospitalists need excellentinterpersonal skills to establish rapport with patients and other healthcare professionals. They must be able to understand their patients' concerns and help guide them and their families.
  • Problem-solving: Hospitalists must be able to quickly identify problems andfind solutionsto them usingcritical thinkingskills.

Key Skills: