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Program Manager Location: Tucson, Arizona

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2019-11-15 07:24:30
Job Type: Full Time only

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The successful program manager can see gaps in the future of a program that will throw it off schedule and is tenacious in marshaling the companys resources to close those gaps. An effective program manager speaks and writes plainly and concisely to deliver bad news quickly, what are the consequences of the bad news is not addressed, and what should be done to avoid the consequences. A hallmark of a good program manager is the ability to work across business units and business functions to form professional relationships with all stakeholders in a program. Typical programs will be new product development (NPD), cost reduction or quality improvement of a complex nature (where, for example, a significant new technology platform must be brought into the company) or when multiple business units/customer types are needed. The Program Manager is expected to improve the client NPD process and take advantage of the best industry practices.


  • Maintain an independent, objective view on project status and work. Balance the role of project champion versus a critical business owner.
  • Build professional relationships across the organization to seek council and improve ideas.
  • Create the programs team charter, critical path, and expose risks
  • Question conventional wisdom and be willing and able to speak to authority with poise and organized thoughts.
  • Show conviction in your ideas.
  • Ensure goals and key milestones are approved across business units and functions.
  • The overriding priority is to maintain the program schedule.
  • Communicate program risks on an ongoing basis and that appropriate contingency plans are in place.
  • Lead any necessary course corrections when things do not go as planned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Skills and experience

  • developing electronics-based hardware products for the consumer market.
  • Skills and experience leading complex software/firmware development programs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in communication, motivation, influence, and inspiration.
  • Demonstrated experience with complex programs spanning research, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • Ability to drive alignment, especially between Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing functions to match customer requirements with technical specifications.
  • Analytical and objective; can deliver difficult messages clearly if plans go off-track. Drive for results and a demonstrated track record of success with new product development
  • Program Management Professional certificate or at least 5 years industrial experience in Program Management with a company having several hundred employees in high-volume consumer goods.
  • High energy with an enthusiastic attitude, a desire for continued learning, and a willingness to take on difficult challenges in a variety of business areas
  • Bachelors degree from an accredited university in electrical or mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or computer science.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Previous experience in the irrigation industry

Key Skills: