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Salesforce Developer

Jacksonville, Florida
2019-07-25 13:35:03
Job Type: Contract to Hire


  • Technically versatile
  • Salesforce Apex development
  • Salesforce Declarative development
  • Some Salesforce Architecture experience
  • Microsoft VB.Net experience would be a plus
  • Some experience with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Understands the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Ability to develop test plans and perform them
  • Some experience training end users would be beneficial
  • Since we are looking to expand outside the US, some experience with global projects would be beneficial


Essential functions andresponsibilities:

  • Becomes familiar with all aspects of the application, including reports, parameters, claims management, intake services, carrier/client interfaces and vendor/business partner interfaces.
  • Assumes responsibility and develops expertise for a specific area of functionality of the application.
  • Analyzes user needs, as required, and leads in the design of specifications to meet those needs.
  • Develops and maintains software to meet the specifications outlined in data processing requests.
  • Assesses requirements of insurance carriers and regulatory groups; leads in the design and development of software to meet those requirements.
  • Tests and debugs software; assists in testing projects for other analyst/programmers.
  • Prepares documentation for assigned projects and completes the paperwork necessary to release the project.
  • Assists in the professional growth of other analyst/programmers.
  • Follows departmental pre-established standards and guidelines as applicable to design and development.
  • Adheres to the goal of delivering and maintaining the highest quality of customer service to clients.
  • Keeps up-to-date with technology changes and direction. 

Key Skills:
Salesforce, Lightning, Apex, .NET