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AVP, PeopleSoft General Ledger Support Location: Livingston, NJ

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2019-07-15 11:05:41
Job Type: Full Time only

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AVP, PeopleSoft General Ledger Support position will provide functional support and manage projects with the PeopleSoft GL module. The individual will work closely with the global accounting and PeopleSoft technical support staff. The individual will responsible for maintaining the GL Application (functional), assisting the PeopleSoft Technical support team, diagnosing and resolving functional/ technical issues, implementing new functionality to add value the current accounting operations. The individual will also work closely with the PeopleSoft technical support team to resolve issues and implement new functional. The individual will be responsible for managing small projects that impact the PeopleSoft GL application. This position may also appeal to an individual who has a background in accounting and would be interested in expanding their knowledge to understand how Accounting Applications are used.

Although not required, some or all of the following skill set would be ideal for this position;

  • General Ledger Accounting knowledge, (understanding the journal entries for a consolidation process)
  • Financial Consolidation Processes (Equitization and Intercompany elimination)
  • Understanding the Average Daily Balance processes
  • Understanding of PeopleSoft GL application (understanding the journal data flow at a table level and the ability to use queries to access this data)
  • General Ledger workflow processes (Journals and Chartfield requests)
  • Creating Test scripts for a PeopleSoft (ERP) GL application
  • Performing testing for a PeopleSoft (ERP) GL application
  • Understanding and developing Business Processes for GL accounting
  • Experience resolving issues within a PeopleSoft customization
  • Experience testing a PeopleSoft customization
  • Experience building nVision reports
  • Ability/Experience managing an existing group of PeopleSoft analysts to provide support for issue resolution, small project work and business process improvements,
  • Ability/Experience interacting with accountants and accounting managers to resolve business process issues and process improvements related to the General ledger

Additional Skills That Would Be Beneficial

  • US Banking regulatory reporting experience
  • Project Management experience
  • Experience with general accounting.
  • Willingness to learn new skills in continuously changing environment.

Key Skills: