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ETL/SQL Developer Location: Fresno, CA

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2019-07-06 11:22:35
Job Type: Full Time only

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Essential Duties

  • Develop and code SQL stored procedures and SSIS\\ETL packages utilizing our onsite data warehouse and other appropriate data sources that meet provided specifications
  • Collaborate with technical and business users to develop and maintain enterprise wide solutions and standards to provide data required for metrics and analysis
  • Work with members of the reporting team to provide required access/structure to data
  • Troubleshoot existing complex SSIS packages when failures occur
  • Maintain and enhance the existing data warehouse and extracts
  • Perform quality checks on reports and extracts to ensure exceptional quality
  • Build relationships with business intelligence partners to understand data needs in order to execute with excellence on documented user requirements
  • Create and maintain documentation for all projects


  • Required Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
  • Required 5 years of experience in SQL development
  • Preferred - 10 years of experience developing in dynamic SQL databases with 5 years of health insurance

Key Skills: