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Clinical Genomics Scientist Location: Atlanta, GA

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2019-06-26 17:55:35
Job Type: Full Time only

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Clinical Genomics Scientist

Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Responsibilities:

  • Data Review, Interpretation, Report Drafting and Distribution
  • Maintains technical knowledge and an understanding of indications and limitations of various molecular and/or cytogenetic tests and methodologies
  • Under supervision, review and interpret clinical test results and draft clinical reports
  • Variant analysis and gene curation tasks may be required as per need of the lab and training and experience of the employee
  • Critically reviews quality control data and record non-conforming events
  • Identifies atypical results
  • Reviews intakes for accuracy of demographic data, distribution information, and appropriate consent when applicable
  • Works with case management and customer services departments to reach out to clients for additional information and clarifications as needed
  • Aid in client-specific distribution of results or data after director sign-off

Scientific Support

  • Under the supervision of senior and principal CGSs, and lab directors, participates in troubleshooting, process improvement and development projects
  • Provide scientific support to laboratory supervisors, leads and technologists as requested
  • Assist in the development of new protocols. Reviews and updates existing controlled documents (procedures, forms, guidelines, processes). Approval authority for minor changes to documents
  • Compiling of data to submit for New York State approval

Testing (certified technologists only)

  • As needed, maintain competency to perform specific complex diagnostic laboratory procedures, compile and analyze data
  • Assists Team leads and supervisors in training as needed

Basic Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in biology, chemistry, or related field is required with successful completion of a certification examination from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), the American Medical Technologists (AMT), the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB), or another agency as approved by the state of Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulation Division within their specialty OR Ph.D. in related field
  • Three years of pertinent laboratory experience (post-graduate education included) with a minimum of one year clinical lab experience preferred

Proven ability to critically read and interpret scientific literature

Excellent communication skills with written and spoken English

Experience with sequencing methodologies and sequence variant classification

Key Skills: