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.Net Developer Location: Naperville, IL Dur: 6 months

2019-07-28 08:48:19
Job Type: Contract

.Net Developer
Location: Naperville, IL
Dur: 6 months

We are looking for a Senior .NET Developer to join our team and build and maintain functional applications and websites.

  • Senior .NET Developer responsibilities include participating in the entire software development life cycle, debugging applications and configuring existing systems.
  • You\'ll use your expertise in the .NET framework to help us deploy high-quality applications.
  • Should have experience in angular 4, SQL Developer.
  • Analyze system requirements and prioritize tasks
  • Write clean, testable code using .NET programming languages
  • Develop technical specifications and architecture
  • Test and debug various .NET applications
  • Review and refactor code
  • Deploy fully functional applications

Key Skills:

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