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Solutions Engineer Location: Greater New York City Area

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2019-06-18 08:32:43
Job Type: Full Time only

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Solutions Engineer Location: Greater New York City Area

  • Support Sales Directors with product knowledge and technical knowledge
  • Pitch large commerce companies
  • Act as the main authority in sales meetings for all product and technology-related topics
  • Deliver technical and/or product presentations and demonstrations, featuring the value of the platform
  • Write HTML, CSS, and Javascript code necessary to power sales demos and other demo-related activities
  • Communicate highly technical concepts to a variety of audiences, from software engineers to executive-level decision makers
  • Manage the platform\'s demo environment, ensuring that our team consistently delivers great product demos
  • Train and empower the sales team, specifically pertaining to the topics of product, technology, and competitive positioning
  • Work cross-functionally between teams, including sales, marketing, product, and engineering.
  • Write answers and be accountable for lengthy, complex RFPs and security questionnaires
  • Constantly learn, stay up-to-date on competitive solutions, products and services
  • Develop miscellaneous coding projects that support sales cycles and proof-of-concepts as needed

Optimal Skills for Success:

  • Bachelor\'s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or completion of web development boot camp or equivalent experience
  • 3-8 years of full-time work experience at a tech company or a startup
  • Marketing technology experience
  • Intermediate-level development experience with Javascript programming
  • Intermediate-level knowledge of a broad range of web technologies, including as many of the following as possible: HTTP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Display, Email, Recommendations, SEM, PHP, REST APIs, CMS platforms, eCommerce platforms, tag management, git
  • World-class written and verbal communication (Writing and speaking is one of the most important aspects of the job)
  • An ability to simplify complex topics, and always relate technical explanations back to the business value of the product
  • Quick, on-your-feet thinking, especially in meetings where you might be asked rapid-fire questions
  • Problem-solving skills that enable you to identify the best solutions, given a list of prospect business requirements
  • An intrinsic curiosity and desire to always learn more in order to keep up with our rapid pace of development and the pace of the industry
  • A positive, team-first attitude, and an intrinsic desire to help your colleagues and peers
  • Ability to give and receive honest feedback (while still being a fun person to work with)
  • Comfortable working day-to-day with cloud-based workflow tools such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and SlacK

Key Skills: