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Senior Database Engineer Location:Reston, VA

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2019-06-03 06:27:44
Job Type: Full Time only

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Senior Database Engineer Location: Reston, VA


  • The Database Engineer provides technical expertise for database design, development, implementation, information storage and retrieval, data flow and analysis.
  • Develops relational and/or Object-Oriented databases, database parser software, and database loading software. Projects long-range requirements for database administration and design.
  • Responsible for developing a database structure that fits into the overall architecture of the system under development and has to make trades among data volumes, number of users, logical and physical distribution, response times, retention rules, security and domain controls.
  • The Database Engineer works primarily at the front end of the lifecycle-requirements through system acceptance testing and Initial Operational Capability (IOC).
  • Develops requirements from a project??s inception to its conclusion for a particular business and Information Technology (IT) subject matter area (i.e., simple to complex systems). Assist with recommendations for, and analysis and evaluation of systems improvements, optimization, development, and/or maintenance efforts.
  • Translates a set of requirements and data into a usable document by creating or recreating ad hoc queries, scripts, and macros; updates existing queries, creates new ones to manipulate data into a master file; and builds complex systems using queries, tables, Open Database Connectivity and database storage and retrieval using Cloud methodologies.
  • Leads development of databases, database parser software, and database loading software.
  • Leads development of database structures that fit into the overall architecture of the system under development.
  • Develops requirement recommendations from a projects inception to its conclusion for a particular Business and IT subject matter area (i.e. simple to complex systems)
Required Skills


  • Six (6) or more years of database engineering experience required. [A MasterĂ¢??s degree in a related discipline may substitute for two (2) years of experience]
  • BachelorĂ¢??s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics OR related field [Eight (8) years of experience (for a total of ten (14) or more years) may be substituted for a degree.]
  • Apache Hadoop, PostgresSQL, MYSQL or VMware or Oracle DBMS knowledge
  • Possess knowledge of SQL Server and its tools including the facets of successfully administering a wide range of simple to highly complex environments.
  • Experience with data and schema design and engineering
  • Demonstrated practical experience with data migration from legacy systems to central repositories
  • Industry standard exchange schema implementation experience (E.g. Cybox or Capec)
  • Be able to evaluate and install new software releases, patches and system upgrades.
  • Knowledge and understanding of all aspects of database tuning: software configuration, memory usage, data access, data manipulation, SQL, and physical storage.
  • Experience supporting technology strategy / roadmap.
  • Experience with development and execution of database security policies, procedures and auditing-experience with database authentication methods, authorization methods, and data encryption techniques.
  • Possess good communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Must work well in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Must exhibit good time management skills, independent decision making capability; focus on customer service.
  • Ability to work with the other technical members of the team to administer and support the overall database and applications environment.

Desired Skills

  • Experience database engineering support to DHS, DoD or Intelligence Customers
  • Data Scientist skills and experience
  • Understanding of Certification and Accreditation (NIST 800-53) processes as they apply to database technologies
  • Operating system and hardware platform knowledge preferred.
  • Experience working with large unstructured data sets
  • Experience with Map/Reduce technologies
  • Experience with process development and deployment
  • Trained in Six Sigma Methodology
  • ITIL knowledge and certification

Key Skills: