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MDM - Master Data Management

Sunnyvale, CA
2019-06-18 06:51:23
Job Type: Contract

12 Months


Need H1B / GC / USC / TNVISA / H4 EAD Visa Holders only.



Job Description :

  • Expertise in Oracle advanced PL/SQL
  • Must have experience working in Unix platform
  • Experience in writing Oracle packages and Stored procedures
  • Good knowledge of triggers, cursors, indexes
  • Good knowledge in DB optimization techniques
  • Experience in Node JS and good understanding of asynchronous programming
  • Good knowledge of ExpressJS and Oracle DB node packages
  • Experience in integrating oracle DB with NodeJS
  • Experience in creating REST based web services
  • Candidate should preferably have experience in Master Data Management domain
  • Excellent communication skill
  • The candidate must have 10+ years of experience in Oracle and advanced PL/SQL with mandatory experience in NodeJS.
  • The candidate will be required to work independently on projects and will have direct interaction with the client. The candidate will be required to design, implement and document applications according to stipulated quality standards.




Key Skills:
MDM , Oracle , PL/SQL , Node JS

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