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LAMP (fullstack) Developer, Loc: Tucson,AZ

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2018-12-14 19:05:01
Job Type: Full Time only

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LAMP (fullstack) Developer, Loc: Tucson,AZ
• Experience with Angular 4 or higher and ability to deploy applications into production
• Experience with LAMP web development
• Experience dealing with browser compatibility issues and advanced CSS techniques.
• Understand the need for writing code that will pass today's security reviews and stand up to future scrutiny.
• Proficiency with UI rendering optimization, caching, bundling and responsive pages.
• Ability to solve complex problems and troubleshoot/diagnose issues independently.
• Experience in .Net/C# programming.
• Experience with modern DevOps tools, such as Git, GitHub, and/or Jenkins
• Experience with technical application design skills, interpreting functional requirements into technical designs for web applications
• Experience with responsive design and grid frameworks for cross-browser compatibility such as Bootstrap or Foundation
• Experience using Typescript
• Experience on mobile or web development teams
• Knowledgeable of UI Design methods and testing
• JavaScript UI frameworks such as React
• JavaScript API development using Node.JS

• Develop User interfaces for Modern Rich Internet Applications with the latest Front End Technologies
• Perform analysis and development tasks of increasing complexity which require research and analysis.
• Develop, test and document JavaScript, HTML and CSS, make design and technical decisions for AngularJS projects.
• Develop application code and unit test in the AngularJS, Rest Web Services and Java technologies for the Application Development Center.

Education: Bachelor's Degree, Advanced degree and relevant certification.
Experience: 8+ years related experience. Equivalent combination of education and work experience

Key Skills: