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Marketing Data Analytics Specialist Loc:Englewood, CO

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2018-12-11 21:46:26
Job Type: Full Time only

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Role:Marketing Data Analytics Specialist Loc:Englewood, CO

Skills, Experience, And Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science/Data Science/Analytics/Information Systems
  • Two to three years?? experience using SQL for analytics research and Excel for ad hoc marketing/operations analyses; Preferred knowledge of PostgreSQL, TSQL
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite with strong MS Excel and PowerPoint skills; must have experience with SQL and databases, or desire to learn; strong data visualization skills, experience with a tool like Tableau preferred
  • Intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, results oriented and strong personal initiative; you will have mounds of data at your fingertips and endless challenging problems to solve, so the ability and desire to solve complex problems to discern meaningful insights from interesting? is a must for this role
  • Strong communication skills and presentation skills; must be able to simply and persuasively communicate business insights and intelligence to team members with other business units
  • Strong collaborative/team work skills that encourage team partnership and promote enthusiasm; Ability to influence and collaborate across various functional groups including operations, sales, distribution, marketing, finance, programming and legal
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and ever changing environment with a high capacity to multi-task and handle tight deadlines on a daily basis

Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and maintain marketing intelligence dashboards and performance scorecards to recommend, initiate and manage marketing campaign projects that will help improve marketing KPIâ??s
  • Work closely with Brand Managers to analyze the marketing spend, CPA, and other key metrics both digital and offline to ensure marketing campaigns are executed with stellar discipline and drives results
  • Executes root cause analysis and drives other marketing analytical projects that will set in motion new retention and promotion initiatives across the language business lines; Provides support for ad hoc analytical projects, including customer-level analysis, segmentation analysis, product affinity and customer profiling analysis
  • Utilizes SQL to transform and format data in order to create reports and analyses that facilitate decision making; has the ability to manage large data sets and identify key trends
  • Automates key reports, dashboards, and analytical processes to maximize efficiency and enable quick response to opportunities and threats; Leverage general marketing analyst team to support, maintain, design, develop, and trouble-shoots processes to improve, advance, or simplify data gathering and/or reporting and analytics
  • Utilizes Tableau, SQL and other data structures needed for analysis to understand subscriber trends and other key operational metrics needed for customer acquisition and retention for the client

Key Skills: