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Senior .NET (Back END) Developer

St. Louis, MO
2018-11-29 19:01:39
Job Type: Contract

•.NET core(not required):

•Mid-tier and backend technologies:




•Unit Testing:

Professional Requirements:

•8+ years of C# experience

•Full stack is fine, but Plus for Mid-tier backend technologies



•Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

•Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming

•Strong knowledge of web service models

•Strong knowledge of documenting technical specifications

•Experience with Windows Forms/WPF development

•Experience with using SQL Server as a backend preferred

•Experience with Entity Framework

•Experience with Visual Studio 2015

•Experience with a Continuous integration toolset (Teamcity, Jenkins or similar)

•Experience with Java, Spring, Hibernate

•Experience with Git

•Experience with MySql

•UNIT TESTING. Experience with writing unit tests for code including client script

Key Skills:
.NET core(not required),Mid-tier and backend technologies,ETL,SQL,SSIS,Unit Testing

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