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Azure Technical Cloud Architect

Posted By Repherralz
San Ramon, CA
2018-11-28 13:20:20
Job Type: Contract

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This position will provide technical leadership for development in Azure across the team and help lead and educate the team members in this new world. 

The Azure Technical Architect will define design objectives for the following: 

• Azure Data Analytics 

• Azure Data Lake 

• and Azure IIoT services 

• Requirements/Qualifications: 

•5-7+ years of Azure Cloud development experience required. 

•Experience with Ansible, PowerShell, JSON, and other open source tools required. 

•IIoT, Azure IIoT, or process control network experience preferred 

•Strong data analytics or strong Azure data lake management experience required. 

•Previous experience working within an Agile/Scrum environment preferred. 

•Experience with AWS development would be a plus. 

• Experience in Azure SQL databases- nice to have. 


Define design objectives for Azure Data Analytics, Azure Data Lake and Azure IIoT services.

Key Skills:
Azure Cloud development,Ansible, PowerShell, JSON,IIoT, Azure IIoT