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Systems Engineer IV

Moffett Field, CA
2018-03-08 10:53:55
Job Type: Full Time only

Required Skills and Traits:

Must bedetail-oriented and able to organize information on Confluence, track actionson Jira, and manage code and code review process using Bitbucket

Codingexperience using Matlab (or equivalent) and SQL

Abilityto process, synthesize, and plot data

Experience(management or development) in cloud (prefer AWS) environment and/orwillingness to learn such software as needed.

Excellentverbal communications skills - ability to communicate with stakeholders (UTMtest sites and partners) about technical and process questions regarding UTMConOps

Abilityto work independently, identify and communicate with experts in various areasof UTM development

Abilityto assist organizing and running meetings using virtual meeting tools.

Possesstechnical writing skills including drafting, reviewing, and evaluating testplans and writing tech reports.


Other Desired Skills:

Experienceparticipating in or observing aircraft or robotics field tests

Familiaritywith Agile Software Development

Interestand experience with UAS, such as holding a Part 107 Remote Pilot License andhaving flown rotorcraft UAS (however, in this position you will not be pilotingUAS)

Knowledge/experiencewith UTM


Key Skills:

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