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Product Development Engineer Rochester Hills, MI, Rate: Open.

2017-10-05 16:45:18
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Job Description Product Development Engineer Rochester Hills, MI Category: Engineering Job Type: Direct Hire Job Description POSITION SUMMARY: ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Create system and component design(s), related documentation and technical information. • Work with analytical design tools for component modeling and design verification. • Researches and develops new material and product designs. Prepare BOM for cost estimates. • Initiates and tracks prototype development work. Work with suppliers in concurrent design confirming manufacturability. • Prepares design information for release to customer and manufacturing for sourcing and production. • Prepare Statements of Invention and Patents to protect company’s intellectual property. • Create material specifications, engineering standards and design guides. • To operate and maintain all programs, systems, and objectives as defined by the facility quality policy and espousing Quality Commitment. • Report to Manager Advanced Systems and takes project related and technical planning direction from Project Manager. • Works with and assists Project Manager in support of project. • Has some contact with customer advanced engineering personnel. • Work with other product design, process engineering, and quality and tool room personnel. • LI-PD1 Job Requirements QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor of Science Degree or equivalent, preferably in mechanical engineering. • Five to ten years of related experience within a design for manufacture discipline. REQUIRED SKILLS: • The incumbent(s) must possess a high level of creative and analytical thinking. • Must be capable to plan and perform design work in a timely manner, as well as apply engineering principles, practices and procedures. • Must possess sound drafting skills using either manual or computer aided means, have sound knowledge of GDT, and have good communication skills. • Position requires independent activity to accomplish set tasks. Responsible for ensuring that all design and actual work performed meets established safety requirements and governmental regulations.
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