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Workspace Architect

New York, NY
2017-08-01 18:22:12
Job Type: Contract

Client: Financial

The candidate would beexpected to perform full integration activities as well including buildingappropriate documentation and monitoring.

The coreresponsibilities of this position include:

·       Researchnew EUC workspace technology trends

·       Testand implement solutions to improve user experience and flexibility, decreasecost and risk

·       Ensureproducts meet the necessary security, supportability, performance requirements

·       Create,review, maintain and update documentation

·       Disseminationof knowledge amongst peers

·       Theideal candidate will have experience designing enterprise scale solutions andextensive experience/knowledge of Windows operating systems, management of enduser productivity apps, standard associated technologies and third partyproducts.

Desired skills:

·       Deeptechnical understanding of Windows operating systems up to and includingWindows 10

·       Familiaritywith Desktop Virtualization Technologies from VMWare, Citrix, AppSense,Microsoft

·       Scriptingability highly desired - whether with PowerShell, WMI, VBScript, etc.

·       Knowledgeof software packaging tools such as InstallShield, App-V sequencer, Wise

·       Knowledgeof common third party tools used to manage/support large environments. i.e.AppSense, Systrack, etc

·       Abilityto write technical and operational management documentation (system design andengineering documents, operational runbooks)

·       Desktop/Laptop/ServerHardware Knowledge

·       Familiaritywith cloud services such as Office 365, Azure AD, MDM/MAM solutions

·       Knowledgeof common Windows Infrastructure i.e.

·       ActiveDirectory/SCCM/GPO

·       Strongtroubleshooting mind-set (i.e. parsing event log, Sysinternals tools, analyzingmemory dumps etc)

·       Experienceof large scale desktop deployment tools and techniques in globally distributedorganizations

Key Skills:

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