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Legacy Systems Specialist II

Denver, Colorodo
2017-03-27 14:47:07
Job Type: Contract

Tasks (including but limited to the following) will be due by 6/30/17:

  1.       Conduct discovery sessions with Server team, DBA team and EA team to identify and gather details of the legacy infrastructure components (17 agencies, 4 LOB enterprise applications teams, 4 server teams and 2 DBA teams).
  2.       Where documentation isn’t available, it may be necessary to reverse engineer systems, functions, and system architectures, so as to reveal the source operation and document the underlying infrastructure for the legacy environments.
  3.       Guide Client department as they deploy interfaces to VMware and MCAFEE

     in order to automatically discover and update legacy server hardware & software details.
  4.       Lead the EA/Agency teams  in mapping applications to the underlying legacy components.
  5.       Import bulk updates to the application inventory system as components are identified.
  6.       Utilize the inventory system to product application stack drawings and reports that identify the underlying technology debt within the legacy applications.

Key Skills: