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Storage Architect , Loc: Whitehouse station, NJ,Dur:6M+,Rate:Open

Whitehouse Station, NJ
2017-03-21 19:36:31
Job Type: Contract

 Storage Architect , Loc: Whitehouse station, NJ,Dur:6M+,Rate:Open
Job Description :
Required skills:-


    3PAR+ HC380
    Utilization of Dedup, compression, QOS features
    Mission + Business Critical workloads

1. Replication including assistance with testing
2. Configuration recommendations
Note: It would be a benefit if the resource has experience with EMC (SRDF) as well as Netapp replication technologies to enable us to compare and contrast.

    Election process for node failureDeeper dive on VCenter and VCenter integration pluginVVOLS info â?? is this on the roadmap
    Expansions how do we add a new black/blocks to existing con?guration if drives in existing are EOL
    Encryption key management- how is key mgmt. handled with smart array controller?
    Establish Performance metrics
    For each platform and workload (DB and App)Assist with identifying the recommended upper level performance metrics (l/O, throughput, etc)Assist with identifying the max lun size

Oneview and NetApp integration

    Provide guidance and education on how best to integrate oneview and NetApp.How best to provision NetApp file shares via oneview and cloud Service Automation.
    How best to add capacity to existing NetApp file shares (volumes) via OneView and cloud Service Automation.
    Storage Operations Manager implementation and utilizationProvide guidance and education on how best to implement and utilize storage OperationsManager.

ISCSI Implementation

    Provide guidance and education regarding best practices and gotchas when using isc5l with 3PAR.
    Test VMware Web on SDX or other 3PAR hardware
Key Skills:
3PAR, NetApp, HC380

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