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DevOps Automation Engineer Loc: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2017-03-17 16:26:05
Job Type: Full Time only

  • Our tech stack is deep because we interact with real things in the real world where the outcome matters.
  • Our systems collect, analyze and interact with other systems in real-time. Internally, the tools we use include Redmine, GitLab, BuildBot and homegrown Python-based test automation, all hosted on AWS.
  • Externally, our software is deployed in high availability, enterprise environments delivered via RedHat.
  • There is no shortage of interesting deployment and maintenance challenges!

The opportunity

  • looking for a DevOps Automation Engineer.
  • Reporting to our CTO Roger Moore, the new DevOps Automation Engineer will learn our technologies quickly and apply their existing knowledge to help us develop, test and launch new solutions as we scale and grow.
  • We need someone who doesn??t put out the fires but puts in place all of the code, infrastructure and support to stop the spark from igniting in the first place.


  • You want to stay in a hands-on technical role applying - and growing - your skills.
  • You are looking for a company with a purpose, one that is in an exciting growth phase.
  • You might be working in QA, DevOps or as an application developer.
  • You approach building software and tools as you would Lego.
  • You are most innovative after you have broken down an application and developed an understanding of how all of the pieces work together.
  • Then, you set about to rebuild it in a more robust, scalable and reliable manner.

What??s in it for you?

  • Challenges. The electrical power grid is a lifeline to millions of people.
  • Quite literally, this is a system that cannot go down when it comes to hospitals, traffic controls and more.
  • Your challenge is to help us build and deploy systems that are robust enough to help utilities keep the lights on.
  • A Batman virtual utility belt. This is a role where you will be focused on stitching together disparate technologies and deploying complex systems.
  • Personal and professional satisfaction. You want to do meaningful work. You donâ??t just want to build things, you want to build technology solutions that matter.
  • What will our new DevOps Automation Engineer work on?
  • Deployment and maintenance. Provide technical leadership and make decisions in deployment and maintenance methodologies.
  • Infrastructure. Build, manage and lead the administration of the infrastructure.
  • Strategic planning. Manage and implement short and long term strategic projects to ensure our capacity meets existing and future requirements.
  • Big picture improvements. Benchmark, analyze, report on and make recommendations.
  • Test plans. Evaluate test criteria, create and execute tests to determine if new releases of software are acceptable for delivery within the electricity environment.
  • Operational features and processes. Collaborate with Development Architects and leaders to implement operational features, tools and process.

Here??s what you bring:

  • The education. You have a degree or diploma in Computer Sciences, IT or related field.
  • The experience. You have 3-6 years deploying complicated systems in a Linux or Windows Server environment.
  • Debian and Red Hat experience an asset. You have intermediate programming experience in Python.
  • The passion. You are equally passionate about clean tech as you are about quality and continuous improvement.
  • The vision. You can focus on the big picture and the details. Robust, reliable and scalable is your motto.
  • The basics. You have exceptional communication, judgment and prioritizing skills.
  • The energy. You thrive in a high volume, fast paced environment.
  • The skills. You are detail oriented and you possess excellent analytical skills.
  • You have the ability to provide quick solutions to complex problems.

Key Skills: