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SQL Server Database Administrator Loc:Webster, NY

2015-11-13 20:00:19
Job Type: Full Time only

  • Description Performs general database administration activities, performs DBA responsibilities on project teams, and provides database support including participation in daytime and after-hours on call rotations. Installs and configures databases and database-related software utilities to meet department needs.
  • Develops scripts (e.g. SQL, Unix Shell, Perl) to monitor and support database environments. Develops and tests backup and recovery processes to ensure high availability and recoverability of databases.
  • Collects and analyzes data for capacity planning / performance monitoring. Independently performs functions to administer system access (e.g. setting up accounts, maintaining privileges and roles, maintaining passwords,).
  • Works with Enterprise Data and Information Security and Change Management to ensure internal controls compliance. Reviews and contributes to system design documents (SDD) to meet the objectives of the project.
  • Defines DBA tasks and provides time estimates to aid in project scheduling. May coordinate tasks with other IT departments. Monitors progress against task estimates to provide status.
  • Assists with the database infrastructure design to meet project objectives. May also be called upon to translate logical data elements into the physical data design.
  • Supports database changes during user acceptance testing and post implementation to ensure integrity of the application. Participates in Business Continuity Plan (BCP) projects and tests to ensure high availability of our critical production databases.
  • Develops and maintains knowledge in area of expertise, as well as a general understanding of all databases and operating systems, to provide daytime and after hours support for production databases.
  • Recognizes process and/or standard inefficiencies and makes suggestions for improvement.
  • Position Requirements BA/BS degree (computer related field preferred), A minimum of three years related database experience. Excellent verbal and written communication skills required.

Key Skills:

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