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Digital Architect, Salesforce Release Manager - Kohler, WI Hybrid

2022-09-23 15:03:11
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As the Salesforce Release Manager, you will be responsible for all Salesforce release activity (including both delivery and support teams) globally at The Company. In this role, you will act as a cross-functional liaison with Salesforce, DevOps, architecture and the integration teams to ensure that all Salesforce releases integrate well across systems. Additionally, you will be responsible for Salesforce change management, code review, governance and compliance. In this cross-functional role, you will be able to bring your knowledge of release management best practices to shape processes for a growing Salesforce footprint.

Specific Responsibilities
  • Define and manage change control processes for development and release readiness criteria and ensure all changes meet criteria prior to deployment.
  • Create and maintain a detailed release management schedule.
  • Accounting for any dependencies and risks along the way; identify issues and perform root-cause analysis to ensure they are not repeated.
  • Facilitate release activities across all Salesforce development and administrator teams, ensuring quality and timely deployments across environments.
  • Work with Salesforce development team(s) to maintain allowed test coverage in Salesforce and resolve all the deployment errors.
  • Monitor all lower environments (Salesforce sandboxes) for release process / creating and synchronizing sandbox metadata and appropriate data sets.
  • Validate post release activities /track release metrics to improvement and report successes/failures to stakeholders and teams.
  • Conduct Release Readiness reviews and Business Go/No-Go reviews.
  • Work with Salesforce support team(s) coordinating Salesforce release calls and support activities.
  • Responsible for maintaining consistency between Salesforce sandbox environments, from Development through INT, UAT, Pre-PROD and Production.
  • Host weekly (and adhoc) calls with internal business admins, internal development teams, and Salesforce support to plan and prepare all production facing releases.
  • Effectively coordinate with multiple teams driving constant communication, dependent tasks, and information exchange resulting in an efficient process.
  • Lead a cross functional team to adhere to a customer focused, time sensitive, and efficient release schedule.
  • Manage the creation and update of any supporting materials for each new release, to include training, knowledge base articles, product release notes, email communications, blog articles, and webinars.
  • Provide timely updates to management as requested.
  • Proactively raise potential issues and have a creative approach to problem solving with the ability to focus on the details while maintaining the “big picture” view.
  • Track release metrics to drive improvement and report successes/failures to stakeholders.
  • Work with developers to properly resolve merge conflicts, deployment errors and meet code coverage criteria.
  • Have a strong understanding of deployments using migration tools (Copado, Salesforce Tools IDE, GITHub, and Version Control).
  • Experience managing the release processes for business on-boarding projects and data migrations using Copado.
  • Hands on experience with configurations, roles, profiles, and other permission controls.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and confidently with team members.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 3-6 years of previous release management experience
  • 3+ years of experience in global Salesforce environment with multiple implementations
  • Knowledge of Agile Framework
  • Knowledge of DevSecOps practices
  • Knowledge in CI/CD pipelines
  • Working experience in Copado
  • Working experience in JIRA
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-functional work teams toward task completion
  • Demonstrated effective leadership and analytical skills
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills are a must
  • Admin certification and Advanced Admin certification preferred

Key Skills: