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Director of Nursing needed in Norton, Kansas

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2020-10-30 13:22:54
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Job Classification: Hourly, non-exempt
Reporting Relationship: Director of Nursing

Primary Accountability:
Provides nursing care to patients in an efficient, professional, compassionate and caring manner. Directs the activities of paraprofessional as they provide care. Responsible for assuring effective communication with patients, support persons and members of the healthcare team. Responsible for implementing nursing care of assigned patients via the Nursing Process including assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Acts in compliance with hospital, Nursing Department policies/procedures and the Nurse Practice Act of the State of Kansas. Follows NCH Nursing Philosophyand the Employee Handbook.

Major Duties:
o Demonstrate ability to lead/direct a team of caregivers in providing care for a group of patients 
o Facilitates teamwork by adhering to Nursing Practice Model 
o Accepts and responds to change productively, while maintaining a positive attitude
o Role models professional nursing practice and behavior 
o Demonstrates conflict resolution skills 
o Effectively implements the nursing process for assigned group of patients including appropriate delegation 
o Maintains awareness of verbal / nonverbal communication in interactions with staff, other departments, physicians, patients and families
o Maintains patient confidentiality in all communication interactions: written, verbal, electronic, and digital 
o Collaborates and communicates effectively with all members of the health care team 
o Reports pertinent and/or critical information to physician, charge nurse, and others as indicated 
o Properly utilizes chain of command to handle issues 
o Facilitates communication between staff members 
o Demonstrates basic ability to initiate and manage crucial conversations 
o Utilizes AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Expectations, Thank You) strategies to foster positive communication 
o Interacts with clinical students in positive, productive manner 
o Maintains appropriate clinical skills: 
Administers care according to NCH/unit policy/procedure, current standards of care and Kansas Nurse Practice Act 
Performs assessments/reassessments and documentation relevant to patient's condition, needs and age, per nursing documentation guidelines. Communicates changes in patient condition to physician in timely manner and suggests possible interventions and course of care as appropriate in a collaborative manner
Initiates, evaluates and reviews plan of care
Provides age appropriate health teaching related to diagnosis, identified patient/family needs and medication, using available teaching resources and assuring patient family understanding by teach back 
o Administers medication safely: 
Correctly demonstrates use of CPOE (Computer Physician Order Entry) 
Demonstrates knowledge of drug purpose and effectiveness as related to diagnosis 
Follows 6 rights of medication administration 
Demonstrates appropriate/safe medication handling/administration. Reassesses and documents effectiveness of medication 
o Assures team members huddle as needed and round on patients to: 
Evaluate the environment to assure safety & infection control standards are met 
Evaluate the care provided to assure it is based on practice standards and evidence based practice 
Evaluate the educational plan and its implementation; assessing for and addressing gaps in care 
Evaluate for any additional /alternative care needs, and patient/family satisfaction 
Evaluate adherence to nursing practice standards of care and documentation of care by the nurse and team members 
o Coordinate work to achieve maximum productivity. Able to multitask and prioritize workload Work habits are consistently adjusted to accommodate multiple responsibilities and are prioritized and completed in a timely manner
o Demonstrate reasonable and rational judgment in decision making 
o May be reassigned to another nursing unit to provide nursing care within current job description 
o May be required to take “on call” status 
o New RN hires post 1/2018 required to acquire competency in OB/GYN/newborn cares unless OB program eliminated
Customer Service 
o Displays positive attitude. Treats others with honesty and respect. Speaks positively in all customer interactions internal and external
o Assess customer satisfaction when rounding on patients and use appropriate chain of command for unresolved issues or problems
o Use AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank you) to: 
Optimize the patient’s experience by reducing the patient and family’s anxiety and increasing the patient’s compliance 
Develop positive relationships with other departments to foster patient satisfaction 
o Use face to face resolutions (crucial conversations) to intervene with patients or staff in situations where customer needs have not been met to determine a positive, mutually agreeable resolution 
Staff Development / Personal Growth
In conjunction with the DON and/or Educator
o Function as a preceptor, seeking learning opportunities for orientee/student. Interact with DON and/or Educator, to evaluate orientee/student progress toward goals, identifying additional needs
o Demonstrates initiative and responsibility to develop personal, leadership and professional goals 
o Demonstrate professional development by attending conferences, participating in hospital/unit projects and ongoing educational activities 
o Demonstrate professional growth by maintaining awareness of changes in nursing practice/evidenced based nursing care 
o Accept feedback as opportunity for growth 
o Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of new policies and procedures, practices, changes in practice, and initiatives. Obtains this knowledge via staff meeting attendance, reading of communication, required hospital education, discussion with departmental leadership and peers 
o Encouraged to participate on a committee
Performance Improvement 
o Identify processes to be improved and communicate to management team. Assists in data collection as directed 
o Develop and maintain awareness of CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) and other required quality and safety measures 
o Develop and maintain ongoing understanding of nursing best practices for the types of patients for whom care is provided 

Key Skills: